November 11th, 2004


Why am I killing my talent in the pharmacy school?

Meaning, for many years I have been learning languages, translating and writing outside of class, yet I am studying sciences, not anything even remotely related to languages... No, I am pretty good at it, and if I really studied as much as I should my grades would be a lot better, but I am not excited about it. Do I like pharmacy? Yes. Does it make my toes tingle? No. The things I like about pharmacy are those that have nothing to do with clinical drug knowledge. Anyway, there are so many opportunities for pharmacists out there, I am quite sure I know what I want to do when I graduate.

These thoughts were reanimated by the following article:

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Anna is me. Sarah is one of my closest friends and she convinced me to do it. The main reason I agreed is one nice guy who came into our pharmacy a few weeks ago and we talked about World War II for a long time - he served in the Navy on the Norfolk base, and he remembers drinkning with Russian sailors when our ships came in for repairs. I decided that if there is one guy in that nursing home who fought on the same side as my grandfathers 60 years ago, it makes it worth the while to write.

Anyway, it made my day :)