November 19th, 2004


(no subject)

My head hurts. Can I turn this one in and have a new one issued?

I slept just two and a half hours last night - I was cramming for two exams, pharmacology and pathology. I hope I can keep my A in pathology. I am so far in the B range that I doubt I can go into B+, let alone an A.

That means, with three weeks left of school, and just one final left in most of the classes (some still have two exams left), I can expect an A+, two As a B+ and a B. Hopefully that will be A- and B+ for the last two grades if I can do well on the next med chem exam. I was actually awake for the opiate lectures...

My brain is all mushy but I need to review the drug list for tomorrow - I signed up for the Patient Counseling Competition. I'll go at 8:50 CST. Wish me luck if you will be awake then... And the technique. It's so different, the way you are "supposed" to do it and the way you do it in the real world...