December 11th, 2004



I advanced to the second level of our ASP chapter's Patient Counseling Competition. Go me!

In other news, I am proud of how much I have learned in Spanish. When I had my oral exam today, my professor and I had a normal, real conversation about our travels and languages. Fun. There are few things as wonderful and gratifying as learning a new language from scratch.

I've invited a friend of mine, an American, to watch "Goodbye, Lenin!" with me. It'll be interesting to see how someone who doesn't have this kind of nostalgia react to the movie. I'll actually understand it completely this time around, because last time I watched it in German and only got about 90% of it.

Next week I will take my finals. Four days, five finals. Painful... Also, I've been looking forward to resting during the winter break and not doing anything useful, but it seems I'm going to have to work. Life is cruel and unjust, but I want the prof to write me a good letter of recommendation, right? I want to apply for summer internships, and the applications just make my inferiority complex flare up. I feel totally worthless. Don't worry, it's temporary.