December 23rd, 2004


Good times don't last, do they?

Tranmission in my mom's car died today.

For some reason, while I can get away with just about anything, my good luck alway hits those close to me with its other, uglier end. The world is paying the price of my ambition...

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Yes, indeed, I will always go after my goals. Even if I realize I don't like them anymore. I am a scary person, I really am.

Also, my brain refused to function today. Not only did I try to open the mailbox by pressing on a car opener's button, but I went against everything I have ever learned in Aseptic Technique. I poured the supernatant off the cell culture into a sink, and only then realized what I was doing. What's the point of spending tens of thousands of dollars on biosafety hoods when nothing can defeat human idiocy? I only hope that contamination didn't get in. Idiot me.

I wanted to do one of the year-end meme's floating around my friends' list, but I didn't feel like it after all. All too many questions I either can't or won't answer.