December 30th, 2004


Culinary experiments

Neither my mom nor me tried making either tiramisu or cheesecake at home. This is the first time. After New Year I'll know whether we have succeeded. I know tiramisu won't look properly because my mom literally tore it from my hands and assembled it HER way even though she DOESN'T remember what it's supposed to look like. And when I complained, she said: "Next time do it yourself." Hello, I was doing it myself and did the first layer before she literally took the dipping pan and the bisquits away from me. Oh well... I hope it tastes good. The cheesecake shouldn't be a problem.

Other menu items are for appetizer, caviar sandwiches. For salads, seledka pod shuboj; carrots with raisins and walnuts, with sour cream dressing; and last but not least, tuna-and-rice salad. For main dish, vareniki, though fried rather than boiled, the way grandpa made them. The desserts are tiramisu and cherry cheesecake with whipped cream. Fruits will be tangerines, oranges, golden delicious apples (one of my favorite kinds) and grapes. A platter of swiss cheese, of course, is a given. We decided against a smoked meats platter this time around, it will be a fish-and-dairy New Year. Wine list will be champaigne, cognac, and probably a semidry white wine. There is really nothing to require a red wine.

Cognac is at my father's insistence. He loves good, very expensive kinds, and gets so irritated when we use it for cooking. Today I pretended I spilled some, and he almost jumped out of the chair :) I said it's a joke right away, though, as he is not that young anymore :)
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