January 6th, 2005


Health Issues update

About my humble person:

The fucking endocrinologist office isn't calling me back. I will probably just make an appointment at another place and ask for blood tests to be forwarded there. I am not sure I want to be treated at a place which takes over 24 hours to return a phone call to schedule an appointment.

About my dad:

Colonoscopy shows a mass in his colon, doctor is concerned it might be cancer. They probably will be taking out the distal portion of the colon and check lymph nodes for metastases. We will know the date/time of the surgery after 5 pm today, when the surgeon comes around.

With all that, my mom said she will put her dental implants on hold, since we don't know what my father's healthcare is going to cost, even though he has good insurance, one never knows.

I will go to church today for the evening service - tomorrow is Christmas (I am Orthodox). I am going to pray like never before.

Health Issues update yet again

1) My father's surgery will start any moment. After it starts, my mom will come and pick me up, as my car is currently bloked by my father's truck, which he said I shouldn't try to play with in the weather we have. We will go to the hospital, and not the church. Well, I can pray at home with better effect anyway.

2) My appointment is March 8th. In America it takes forever to see a doctor, no wonder emergency rooms are overflowing. I am pretty much OK with that? but my mom is hysterical. After what happened with my dad, she is thinking of worst case scenarios. If only I didn't live with my parents, I wouldn't even have told her I went to see a doctor until I had final diagnosis and treatment plan because I know she would react this way. Which doesn't make it any easier for me. Why do people who mean well have to be so darn impossible?