January 19th, 2005


I've been poisoned

Yes, I have been viciously poisoned in our Pharmacotherapeutics lab. Since the current section is "Nutrition" we had to try all kinds of nutrition drinks and infant formulas. Horrible stuff.

I am so grateful to my parents for never giving me formula. After my mom lost her breast milk when I was about four months old, they hired a milk nurse for me for several more months until I could drink goat milk and then later cow milk.

As far as "adult" drinks, here are the ones we tasted, rated from the absolute worst (aka I would rather starve to death or drink raw human blood than this) to something marginally acceptable (aka if I were stranded on an uninhabited island without any vegetation or animal life, such as a bare rock, and all I had was that, I would consent to drinking that)

5. Peptamen Vanilla (hell, even though it is intended primarily to be given through a feeding tube, still, I don't want any part of this stuff in my body)

4. Boost Vanilla (sickly sweet, disgusting thick mixture)

3. Carnation Instant Breakfast and Slim Fast Vanilla (they are about equally bad, but I would possibly drink them if I were dying and had no choice)

1. Resource Fruit Beverage Wildberry (the only one I took more than one drop of, and which didn't cause a gag reflex. I still couldn't finish the full tablespoon, though)

So, you have been warned.

The disgusting infant formulas (all as disgusting as Peptamen or more) were Alimentum, Peptamen Junior and Neocate One Plus. It's absolutely atrocious, I am telling you.

But now I know why SlimFast works. No one can drink the full can of this (I gagged on half a teaspoon!), and thus get very few calories from that. The aftertaste makes any thought of food repugnant. As a result, there are very few calories consumed and thus weight loss occurs. Today, after I came home from the lab, I had hunger pangs in my stomach but the very thought of food almost made me nauseated, because it seemend that the aftertaste was following me, inspite of eukalyptus cough drop I had just to get rid of it. It took me several hours to be able to eat again.