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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

I danced for the first time today
for an audience, I mean. There was a drum circle today - first professional dancers performed, and then we, students, joined them. It was so much fun! At first I was a bit self-conscious, but as soon as I started playing finger cymbals (I love them, and I love the castañetes too), and really got into it I forgot that I really am not that good :) It didn't matter. By the end of the two hours, I sweat was literally running down my face. It was an excellent exercise, and a ton of fun.

Marat Safin won Australian Open
Go Marat!

A story created by one of the commentators on Russian TV:
When God of Tennis was giving each player a talent, he gave swift legs to Hewitt, strong serve to Roddick, and so on. To Roger Federer he gave a bit of each. And right at the last second, a hurried Safin ran in and asked, "And what are you giving me?" God looked at him critically and asked, "Do you want to win?" "Well, sometimes I do, and sometimes - not really," answered Safin. "Then my gift to you is that when you want to win, you will become me!" said God. :)

His mentality is so typically Russian... he can loose easy matches because he doesn't feel like playing well, and then defeat the best of the best when he gets sufficiently pumped up to shake off his inner demons. Just like me with my own exams and inner doubts. That's why I was cheering for him to win :)