February 11th, 2005


Everything goes wrong

Bad day today.

Got into another car crash. Good-bye, hopes of decent insurance payments. And this one was my fault. I wish I wasn't so distracted, that my ultrasound wasn't botched, then I would have stayed there longer and would be on the road in other time... But what's the point? What has happened, happened.

I am trying to exercise positive thinking by saying that it's better to be in many small crashes than one bad one. It's better to overpay thousands of dollars to insurance companies than end up paralyzed. Somehow, doesn't sound very comforting.

Signed up for safety driving course for march 5th.

Ultrasound was rescheduled for Monday.

With all the exams, and citizenship interview next week, having to deal with insurance, adjusters and car repairs is the last thing I need. Oh well...