February 20th, 2005


Sometimes lessons have to be obvious

Do I have "Slimeball target" sign on my shirt? When why is it that whenever I go to a dance club I get all kinds of slimeballs hung up on me? I mean, if I look like I don't like dancing alone, it doesn't mean I want to be frigging kissed. Grrrrr. If you have a gay friend who likes to dance, let me know.

However, that was a good reminder as to why I am still single and 99.9% of the time not looking. Hell, it's so much better to be single than with someone like this. *shudders* Ever since I heard that Dr. Yee only approves requested month off during the P-4 year if you are getting married or having a baby, I thought that if necessary, I might push myself and get married to whomever, to get July of 2006 off. Hell, no. I have just been reminded how much I would be disgusted by this choice.

That was a bad end to a great day. However, I knew it's going to be my "Slimeball Sunday" from the time I decided to go dance today. I decided not to resist fate, because whenever I do, it ends badly. Hopefully, now my interview with AstraZeneca will be just perfect to compensate for my suffering.

Now excuse me while I get some Bleepka mouthwash...
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Lazy day today...

Since the weather was cloudy and rainy, and I have run out of chocolate, I felt lazy and unmotivated whole day, and didn't do anything I was going to do. Oh well, there will be another day. I just divided my time between having tea, watching TV, watching DVD (The Bachelor movie, with Renee Zellweger - a co-worker gave it to me, it was pretty funny and much better than I thought it would be), and being online.

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