February 24th, 2005



Classes didn't start until 1 pm today, so I actually got enough sleep. Felt weird, going to school after sleeping 9 hours and having a chance to do anything other that get ready between waking up and running out of the house. Like a screwed-up Sunday...

Long meme, stolen from glae

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Reading my Friends' Page

Interesting... All kinds of conflicts people get themselves into, real and imagined... Never had any of those. I have never lost anyone to an argument or a fight. I have very few heated arguments with both sides taking themselves seriously. Most of my friends excel in not taking me or themselves seriously, so we are actually having fun, even if from aside it might look like we are ready to jump on each other's throats. Those of my friends who don't enjoy bantering as much as I do, I simply walk softly around and think about what I say and how I say it so I don't offend them. I don't have many such friends - it just hard to walk on glass a lot, but some are otherwise wonderful people, and thus are worth keeping around anyway. I guess it's just a personality thing, avoiding serious conflict.

First, I thought I will make it a long philosophical post with good abstract conclusions, but my brain is squeezed dry. I better go read some pharmacology...

Oh, and CSKA-Moscow defeated Benfica and went into the 1/8 of the UEFA Cup :D Am happy.