March 2nd, 2005


What a day, what a week & picture meme

Some parts of me are officially dead, and the others wish they were. Meaning, my brain is dead and buried, and my legs hurt like hell because I pulled a muscle. I hoped heels I wore today would be high enough, but they weren't and I was walking like a 90 year old with post-polio syndrome. When I was trying on high heels in shoe store, I felt fine... those tendons really don't want to be pulled... And as far as my brain, I am not alone. There are 63 more people going through the same pain now. I can't wait until the spring break. I cannot concentrate.

A meme, before I go to study for yet another exam. I've had two or three exams a week, every week, since August, with the exception of the break. And I work. And I do extracurriculars. And I try to have a life. And I even try to sleep occasionally. I am dead.

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