March 5th, 2005



Weather was gorgeous, nice and warm, almost like May... I spent most of the day, until 4:30 pm in the defensive driving course. It was actually fun, more interesting than my regular lectures - I haven't even dozed off, and normally I fall asleep in my classes at least once. I had total of four hours of sleep this night. So it's not me, it's them. The instructors, I mean. The test was pathetic. THe same exact questions as the practice exam in the end of the book which we did 10 minutes before the actual test. Yet there were people still figuring it out fifteen minutes later (15 question multiple choice test)! It's destroying my faith in the future of mankind.

I bought a pair of boots for next winter, brown leather, nice regular ones, with three inch heel. I also realized that Omaha is not hopeless in terms of footwear - I finally found a good pair of black pumps in an upscale store. The drawback? They cost $250. I simply don't have that kind of money for shoes at this point in time. But why is it that with shoes price DOES matter? Unfortunately, cheap shoes do look cheap.

Among other things, bad news prevail. Due to time difference, my mom haven't talked with my aunt yet, but one of my friends has called while I was in class and said she hasn't been in touch because she was in a hospital for a long time. I will call her tomorrow or this night - darn 11 hours of time difference - and see how she is doing... Also, among minor things, my VCR heads need cleaning, and I don't have the special cassette, so I need to buy it tomorrow, because I need my VCR up and running on Tuesday for the Champion's League game. Also, Dr. Baldwin keeps piling the frigging cases on us, as if we don't have three tests to study for. Moron. Also I need to do my taxes this Sunday, so I can get the FAFSA in before March 15th so I can get loans for next year.

Last but not the least, I am interviewing for the Sharing Clinic Board on Monday. I really, really want that position for the next year, and I believe I could do a lot for the clinic if I had the authority.