March 22nd, 2005


School & Career related updates

For our medicinal chemistry presentation, Cerinda and I are working together on ValerianIf you have ever tried it, let me know what your experience with it was. I would love to include some personal notes in addition to chemical structures and mechanisms of action and the like. I am including lots of pictures of crazy cats, too.

I wish AstraZeneca would let me know whether they take me or not...  I need to plan the summer.  We need to send someone from our chapter to the nationals, and unless Cerinda can find money for the trip, I am the only candidate.  And I don't know whether I will have a week off in August.  I called and left the pharmacy director a message yesterday.  I really, really hope I get it...

I finally finished a couple projects I have been putting off for a while...  Hopefully, I can break my procrastination habit before it becomes incompatible with my ambitions. 

We learned today that only 1 in 6 patients is actually compliant with their therapy, as in, take as many pills as they are supposed to take, at the times they are supposed to take them.   And severity of the disease doesn't really play a role.  I wouldn't have thought that majority of transplant rejections are due to the fact that the patients don't take their immunosuppresants.  Instead of being grateful at being given a second chance at life, they kill off the gift.  Morons, to say the least.  I would be morally against treating them after such an ungrateful attitude.  Not that I am myself a perfectly compliant patient, but when it something serious, I do follow regimen religiously.  There was a study done on children with leukemia - and the parents weren't any better in giving them their medications than parents of a child with a cold.  And I am going to spend the rest of my life trying to change the situation to the better...  Should I say that I feel like a failure already?  *mandatory eyeroll here*

That was your irregural dumping of random thoughts.  You are now free to return to your daily lives.  However, when you talk to your pharmacist, be nice to him or her.  Please.

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