March 28th, 2005


Random matters updates

At least, the detail is here. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have it done and be able to put this unpleasant chapter to the close.

Among other matters that are floating in my head, are a couple e-mails I need to answer (first, I need to think, and I find thinking hard at the moment), and a couple projects to research. One is meds my aunt is on for her stroke to see if that's the best for her. The other one is Valerian project. The final one is the drugs I chose for PT. My group is meeting tomorrow, so I better have it done. Also, a couple bills to pay, a nomination form to look over and decide whether I want it and what to do about it. Also, I am thinking whether I should apply for the scholarships at school... Not that I would get anything... Oh, and I need to register to vote, now that I have my citizenship. I wonder if they need my certicate for that - I have mailed it to get my passport. Mayor's election is in early May, I would love to participate... We will see how it goes. Also, I was going to stop by Borsheim's (a major jewelry store) to see if they would point me to a jeweler who could make my amethysts into earrings (and maybe fix my mom's earrings while we are at it) but I drove straight past the exit before I realized I should have gone off the highway there...

Among other good things, today was gorgeous, sunny, with weather in the 70s. It was too windy to spend a lot of time outside, unfortunately, but I still sat on a deck for a while, relaxing and enjoying the first truly warm and beautiful day of the year. I have no exams or anything until April 6th. I have no lab this week, and probably no class on Friday. That would be great... And we are finally getting some decent lecturers. Why did they hide them until the very end? Now therapeutics is actually interesting, and I no longer fall asleep all the time.