April 2nd, 2005


The Pope has died today

Such a pity... I respected him deeply, both as a man and as a Pope. Even though I am not Catholic, have never been a Catholic, and will never be a Catholic, I grieve. He really believed in everything that is good about Christianity, and tried to make it work in the real world. I don't share the same ideals, and I prefer the world the way it is today, but I admire people who have ideals and are willing to risk themselves to bring them to life. He had lived a good life, and suffered a lot before his death. At least, now he can be in peace.

Among more mercantile reasons (just so you don't think Hellga became white and fluffy all of a sudden), this Pope was ready to return the Mother of God of Kazan to us, would a new Pope? We will live and see...

Also, a friend of mine from back in high school, Eliza, really wanted to meet this Pope. I hope she has had a chance. Her mother was Swiss, her father an American, so she grew up as a Protestant in Switzerland, and then in US, but converted to Catholicism around 14 or 15. She admired John Paul II and always wore a medallion with his portrait. I haven't seen her for a couple years now, since leaving UNO, and this sharply reminded me of her.

What does your face say about you?


Fun :)

I've tried several of my fotos. My appearance has been described as a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and Southern European. :D I would love to know why I can't see anything Anglo-Saxon in the mirror (and that's strange by itself, because my mom looks very Northern German, and I've seen plenty of my father's almost-twins in München).

My archetype has been described as Beta Academic every time. Poor cowardly Hellga... I am quite sure I am intelligent enough for Alpha Academic, but I'm too lazy and too cowardly to fulfill the other requirements for the archetype.

Anyway, it was pretty accurate for me, somewhat accurate for my father, and not really accurate for my mom. Enjoy.

I've been posting quite a bit lately, and a lot of the posts are meaningful, rather than memes. I am getting too open, sincere, and honest. Must be a side effect of getting american citizenship. Must escape soon. :D