April 5th, 2005


The year continues to suck

It looks like the world is after our blood. Seriously, since January 1, 2005:
- my father has been diagnosed with colon cancer, had a surgery and will have another one later this month
- my mom had problems with teeth and her leg (she had a knee surgery a few years ago) is starting to hurt again, her surgeon said she might need a knee replacement in the next few years
- my aunt had a stroke
- my aunt's husband just had a heart attack yesterday
- his sister is in intensive care and no one knows why as of yet, she went in a couple days ago
- my uncle is the hospital with heavy pneumonia, hooked on to ventilator and a ton of tubes as we speak
- my great-aunt has heart problems and has been in her small village hospital for two weeks, she will be transferred to a big city, because they don't have the means to diagnose and care for her properly

I myself had strange blood tests, but it looks like the tablets I am taking are helping. I just need to call and schedule my liver function tests to make sure I am not getting side effects of the meds, and then I will be fine.

So, what's going on?