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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

Time to pay for my mistakes...
World is about to catch up with me and finally kick my sorry ass. Can't say I don't deserve it. No sane person in pharmacy school studies for TWO exams in the evening and night before. Only. Having missed half the lectures in one of the classes. My laziness and arrogance know no limit. Grrrrr... I miss my cousin. He could always beat some sense into me when we were kids, when all else failed. I need that now.

Hell of a day
I am so tired, I am almost dizzy, and have been this way for the whole day. I had a nap this afternoon, but it's just a drop, when I need an ocean...

I answered just 6 questions right out of 14 on the pharmacology quiz today, on the individual portion. We got them all correct as a group. And on the essay part, I am glad we had Kim, who had to take these drugs, so she knew something, at least. We all studied med chem more than this miserable, useless pharmacology, in which half the stuff they say is incorrect anyways. Nonetheless, it's annoying. However, I am not going to worry about things which don't make me happy even when they do go my way. Perfect grades never made me happy, I was just striving for them because my mom would be disappointed and often would scream at me if I didn't get a 100. Now that's not a factor anymore, so I largely don't care, as long as I still get decent grades. Especially not when I have a headache...

Among other news, Inter-Milan match has been suspended because of the stupid tifosi. I hope they don't get disqualified, like Roma... What's up with me, that a team I cheer for always gets all kinds of trouble? I should start cheering for those I hate... Ron sometimes scolds me for not being a Husker fan, but I say, Huskers should pay me so I don't become their fan, lest they will start loosing to everyone including elementary school kids.