April 25th, 2005


A question to those who happen to read my journal

Why are people afraid of public speaking? We are going through our herbal presentations now, and it amazes me that so many people are obviously uncomfortable getting out there in front of the class and speaking? That's the topics they chose, they researched in detail (supposedly, at least), so they know the material. The audience is also not scary - we are classmates, we have been together for two years, every day, from morning to late afternoon - going to class together, laughing together, going to lunch together, partying together and sometimes living together. So why be afraid? The grades? I mean, it's easier than an exam. And Dr. Vennestrom is not a tough grader. So why? I asked some of my friends, but I don't think I have heard a satisfactory answer. Is it maybe because I come from Russia, where from first grade any student can be called to the board to answer a question in front of the class? Is it just my own personality - I love public speaking and so on - that prevents me from getting the idea?

I just want to see what you think. Why are people afraid of public speaking? Even when the audience is familiar?

Meanwhile, I shall go study pharmacology... I hate that most boring of subjects with a passion. Thankfully, I have no lectures in it anymore. Just two exams - tomorrow and Saturday.