May 4th, 2005


I am now a P-3!

Yes, you heard it right.  I am now a P-3!  The worst year of pharmacy school is now over forever!

All my exams are over.  I will (unless something drastic happens) have one A, one B and two B+.  Unless I somehow can manage a B+ in therapeutics.  Unfortunately, the grading scale for this department is EVIL.  Meaning, that B starts at 85%.  That means my GPA is going to plunge, but I can live with it.  Besides, it's not the GPA, it's the rotations that's most important for getting a fellowship/residency/better-than-standard job.

The class party was quite fun.  Tequila could use more sugar, though.  I told Ryan he should have put one more tablespoon into the blender.  Beer was so-so, but drinkable.  I didn't have to drag in my own stash (I had it in the trunk just in case).  The dogs were going nuts - three of our guys have dogs, and they brought them over to wreck havoc to get into our drinks.  Paul makes excellent burgers - that's the first time I had two in a row.  Although the fact I haven't had anything but a Twix bar in the previous 8 hours, and only a pack of strawberries before that.

Last, but not the least, my green hair was a complete disaster.  I didn't realize that it's going to be so hard to spray-paint my hair myself, and that this small can isn't nearly enough for my long hair.  As a result, my reddish-brown hair covered by thin dust of green became the nastiest, ugliest shade of greenish-brown possible.  Something like a moss-covered tree in a swamp.  With a few streaks of really nice bright green. I had to get into the shower and wash it off immediately. :D   Sorry, no pictures for that reason.