May 5th, 2005


Clean-up time.

I am now busy cleaning up my journal - I decided to take all the entries that contain nothing but memes for each month and group them into one giant Meme collection on the last day of the month. It will sacrifice some of the comments, but I think I can live with it. At least my journal will be nice. And when I am looking for a particular entry, I can just look at the subjects. Or if I am looking for a meme, I know where to look.

If an entry has substance AND quizzes/memes, I've left the quizzes where they were. Only the useless meme-only entries were chopped.

It's my first day of freedom, but I still woke up at 7:50 today. Habit? I still didn't really wake up until 10.

I am goign to visit my dad in the hospital in a couple hours, after CSKA - Parma is over, so I can tell him the results. Pity I can't watch the game... Or maybe it's good - after all, the teams I really, really support always start really, really loosing...

Wow, Amazon ARE quick. As are rabbits.

I ordered Harry Potter boxed set of five books and two CDs (one of which is the new one by Blind Guardian, The Night at the Opera) on Sunday, and I got it today. Wow.

I finally decided to get the paper copies of the HP because I like reading them, but it's not good for my eyes to read off the screen.

Meanwhile, my mom is screaming at "those bandits" again - rabbits seem keen on eating or at least trying everything she plants. Even if that's something obviously unappealing to rabbit tastes, they bite it and then leave the bitten off and uneaten portion on the grass. One just ran across our yard just as my mom was watering her flowers and I was reading on the deck. Those animals are evil. Last year or maybe two years ago I tried to flood their hole, but apparently they didn't care. We are trying to cover everything around the edible (for a rabbit) plants with red pepper - unfortunately, we need to repeat the procedure every time after it rains, or sprinkler turns on, or there is too much dew. Why can't a puma come and eat them all?