May 11th, 2005


Good times

I picked fresh radishes today, and made myself radish salad with sour cream. Yum. Something I have wanted for a long time now. :) Homegrown radish is so much better than the store-bought. It's tender, and juicy, and flavorful without being bitter.

I'm ready to start the clean-up, of both my computer and my desk. It will be an emotionally taxing, but extremely gratifying task. I am always looking forward to organizing everything lovingly, making sure all the papers are in order, and hole-punched, and holes are reinforced if necessary. Aaaah. I am so excited I am almost bouncy.

I also registered finally at a music site, so I can download music I want without having to pay exorbitant shipping prices. It's fully legal and I pay for the services, but it's still cheap, being based in Russia. Month's access is just 8 bucks. I can certainly live with it. My downloader (NetTransport, it's a freeware I highly recommend) is working overtime. :)

I was also amused by our glass recycling bin today - half the bottles are green 1-liter mineral water bottles, the other half are brown beer bottles. And both kinds were emptied almost exclusively by yours truly.

I will work all weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), but this doesn't dampen my mood. Even the fact that Sunday I will have to work in a different store than my usual one - and this one is not in a nice part of the city. Well, I think I can handle that. It's not quite the heart of the ghetto, after all.

Meme, of course

Yes, I really am brutally logical.

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