May 18th, 2005


What a great day!


And it's the first time ever that UEFA Cup was won by a Russian team!

Among other news, Inter won their match. I hope Roma wins tomorrow.

I am having way too much fun with the blender trying out the recipes.

My mom told me that for my birthday she wants to give me a pair of shoes. Nice black pumps. They are expensive, upwards of two hundred dollars. It would be nice to get them as a gift instead of having to pay for them myself. I think I will buy myself a PDA as a gift, but I will wait until August, when they go on sale.

Oh, I took my car to the dealer's today, because it has trouble starting in hot weather. They say they will change fuel pump (whatever that is) and see if that takes care of it. It will be three to five days before the part arrives, so I hope my car will be driveable until it does.