May 22nd, 2005


A couple fun memes

It was a good day. I went to the wildlife conservation park, and bobcats were awake for a change. It always amazes me that all kitties from little servals and wild cats to the largest siberian tigers all have white spots on their black ears. I also saw some kind of a prairie bird - it was less than a foot tall, but when I approached it, it lifted it's feathers (look kind of like ears) and attacked. I had to retreat in amazement. Such a brave little bird. There were a bunch of other creatures there too, from buffalos to bears to wolves to prairie owls, but those were the most fun ones.

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Now, the memes.

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Pretty true. I am a bossy person, and usually very cheerful and happy. And I do love being among people, it's just that I don't like interacting with people for extended periods of time. And I am not a friendly person. Once I decide that someone is a friend, it's forever, and my home and my soul will always be open for them, but it's very, very hard to reach this state.

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Also pretty true. My friends provide me with excitement, and I fish them out of trouble when they inevitably find it. And once I make a decision, I will see it come true, even if later on it makes me feel terrible and I decide that's not what I really want. I said so, therefore it must be so. I am that scary. Brutally logical idealist. Shoot me before I start reshaping the world to resemble my idea of what it must be like :D