May 29th, 2005


In the middle of the workweek

I worked over at another Walgreen's today. Two of their pharmacists are a lot of fun, and the coolest thing - they are scheduled to get a robot next month! I signed up to float for them on June 20th also, and I hope they will have it installed and running by that time. I have never worked with a robot yet.

Of the fun stuff (omitting the overindulging on macadamia nuts), I watched The House of Flying Daggers today. That's one of the most visually standing movies I have ever watched. Beautiful fantasy tale set in Ancient China. I enjoyed it very much. I might watch it one more time before I return the tape, I might even buy it later. I also have another movie rented, The Phantom of the Opera. I am looking forward to watching it as well. When I stopped by Hollywood Video yesterday, they were out of Ocean's Twelve and National Treasure, so I will get to rent them for free on my next visit. :) Go me. I've already watched the National Treasure in the theater, but my mom hasn't, and she likes Sean Bean too, so I thought she might like it. Besides, free is free. :)

And, on the final note,
Судя по моим снам, мне место уже не в психушке, а прямо в Кунсткамере.