June 1st, 2005


Yay for the summer days

It was a very nice day.

The only unpleasant part was having to call and kick some butt at Nissan dealership. I KNOW my detail have come. Yet these morons once again failed to call me. Aren't they tired of having to listen to my poisonously sweet voice? Or maybe Scott just likes it, who knows? I know I hate this particular voice because it's so false.

I spent almost all afternoon (I got up at 1 pm) outside, reading on the porch. It's such a gorgeous weather - nice and warm, not hot. Warm sun, light breeze, soft rustle of leaves, birds singing... Perfect environment to curl up with a good book. I would read for ten minutes, then just sit with my eyes closed for ten minutes, daydreaming.

In the evening, I finally got around to watching the Phantom of the Opera. Good movie. And very good music. However, it reassured me that enemies need to be disposed of properly, at once. Also, I found Phantom's (or rather Gerard Butler's) accent annoying at times. It just so didn't fit with the whole image of the Phantom. Surprisingly, my time in Pathology wasn't totally useless. I was able to recognize his disfigurement as a burn in the very first brief episode when Christine removed the mask. Good for me.

Finally, I got e-mail that the topic of the SIPA meeting on June 9th will be PBMs and their role in pharmacy. I have already sent my reservation in. Quoting Catbert, insurance companies "are so evil, it makes me want to purr." When we studied them, it almost tempted me to go work for one. I still think I was foolish to reject Blue Cross Blue Shield's offer last summer. Though I get paid better with Walgreen's, and hours are a lot more flexible.

Now, I need to scramble up some creativity and do something useful for a change. It's always easier for me to be creative when it's dark outside.