June 5th, 2005


Feeling strangely creative

For some reason, I have been overcome by a creative urge today. Maybe it's the aftereffect of the really good flamenco CD I got. Just instrumental music, no vocals. Baking sugar rolls wasn't enough to satisfy it. I tried to draw, but I have always been rather bad with the pencil, and getting my watercolors and brushes would be such a bother. Writing... I can't write. I can create a world, working out its laws, its creatures, its beings, its languages. I can create characters, most of the time. However, I have never once in my life been capable of thinking up a plot. Just like I have never been able to think up a topic for an essay on my own, or see a 3D object in my mind. I can't write a book, the most I can do is encyclopedia, or something. Maybe I should just go read pharmacology textbook. Guaranteed to kill all creative urges, and all other feelings and emotions within twenty minutes.