June 19th, 2005


Father's Day & future plans.

Why I love my Dad? That's simple. Because I can tell him secrets I haven't told to closest friends or to my mom. Because he is the least judgemental person I have ever met. Because to anything stupid I have done, he would only say: "I thought you are too smart for that." and thus made me strive to be better. Because he always understood when I had those stupid angsty teenage thoughts. Because he taught me to laugh at the world and at myself. Because he never told me what to do, and never shot down any of my plans or desires, he would only give his opinion and advice, but never made my choices for me. Sometimes I hated it, wanting a simple answer, but he made me think for myself, and thus made me independent. He taught me to relax, and stop, and think quietly. Finally, he is one of the wisest AND most inteeligent people I have met.
Dad, you are the greatest, and I love you!

The dinner was a success, even though they run out of trout and my mom & me had to go with salmon. Still, tasted good. However, the vegetables were horrible. I haven't found a more fitting word for steamed vegetables than German "gemüse". That word is so unappetizing... and this squash, broccoli and carrots looked just as unappetizing. Though I ate the carrots anyway. It's hard to make carrots inedible, or maybe that's just my inner rabbit. Pinot Grigio (this one was by a California winery) is a pretty good wine... However, I would love to get a bottle of Aligote. That's a Moldavian wine, and that was the first non-champaigne wine I have ever drank, many years ago in my Grandma's house...

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