June 28th, 2005


Happy Birthday to me! :)

I am now officially 22 years old. I have chased away the annoying thoughts like "Other people accomplish so much by this age, and what do I have? Nothing. I am always just preparing for the future..." (I get them every birthday now) and am going to get ready to go out for casino and dinner.

I am going to wear all-new outfit I got for my birthday from my parents (silk dress, matching shoes, earrings and bracelets). I got another dress as well, but yesterday we couldn't find matching shoes, so it will wait. I really only need it in August, but it fit as if it was made for me, and we bought it for $50 while original price was over $200 (it was the last one left, the saleslady said she just put it up after holding it for three weeks). :)