July 3rd, 2005


Recap of the last few days

Basically, work, work and more work.

Thursday's adventure: The cell full of painkiller drug broke, and no one in that pharmacy but me knew anything about fixing cells (at 24-hour pharmacies they have the night pharmacist do the cells. We do ours in addition to other work, and we fill as many scripts as they do in half the time!). So I had to fix it, and I did, but I don't enjoy kneeling down for half an hour and getting scratches all over my hands.

Friday: Crazy day all around. My manager, nicest guy ever, gets screamed at and hung up on. We loose a script (one girl forgot it in her pocket, it was for an antibiotic, and the patient was leaving town the next morning, and it was late Friday night). My best friend (who also worked that night) and me went to my house after work for dinner and cake and sat there until 2:30 am complaining about lazy co-workers, evil relatives, our own issues, and so on, and so forth.

Saturday: Going to work after five hours of sleep wasn't fun. Now that it's a vacation I am not used to sleep deprivation (which is my normal state during the school year). Crazy busy and a huge warehouse order to put away. Called an extra person in. At the same time, a frantic call from 132nd came, asking if we had someone to spare - two of their techs called in "sick" (ahem).

I am now leaving for work. I don't want to go, but it's just five hours at the other store today, and then eight tomorrow at my own, and I have a day off, before work starts again. :)