July 13th, 2005


Matters pleasant and not so pleasant.

Pleasant first. I got a new pair of black pumps today. Liz Claibornes on clearance, $30 (plus I had my mom get an extra Senior discount for $5 more in savings) :) They are soft, comfortable, and look way better than my old black shoes. They are work shoes, not fancy go-out or interview shoes.

Now moving on to unpleasant. I need to get fit, as some of the clothing doesn't look good on me anymore when I try it on. Lower part of my body, take good notice. While there is no extra fat yet, the muscles are flabby. I think I will start tomorrow. I am no longer 14 and can't get by on good genes alone.

Yet more unpleasant things. I got sore throat, and I have CPR class on Wednesday. I need to get healthy, if I drop dead after I walk out of that class. I simply can't reschedule.