August 1st, 2005



I am almost hysterical for two reasons: I am facing the unsurmountable task of packing for 5 days in Florida (convention style is business casual with one semi-formal banquet). The other reason is my schedule for institutional clerkship. On all the 8 days I have to be at the hospital at 6:30 am. This sucks mightily. I have to get up at least at 5 am, since drive is 45 minutes. Grrrrrr. We hates them all, precioussss. Probably, I will make such a sour face on the first day, they will agree to let me come a bit later. I also need to e-mail my coordinator that I need to be let out for a couple hours in Monday and Wednesday for the Medicare coalition conferences. I wonder whether I will make the committee... Probably not, but one can still hope. I also need to make appointment with our district manager, about posters at Walgreen's. Gomer just came back from Chicago - he had to work there as a simple pharmacist for several weeks because of that strike...

Anyway, for the Florida I am going to pack skirts, shirts and one nice dress. Now I just need to pick what, out of my bursting closet. And it looks like I have to take sneakers, nice shoes and dress sandals in addition to the shoes I am going to fly in. And probably take a nicer handbag in addition to my travel jean bag. And all the little things like lingerie, swimsuit, manicure set, make-up, etc. How I hate packing. Though I expect much picture spammage once I come back.

Also, seeing as I will have a bit of free time, if any of you on my Friend List are in Tampa between August 3rd and 7th, and want to meet Hellga in real life, let me know.