August 2nd, 2005


Packing & more

Well, my dad looked at the pile of clothes I am taking for five days and laughed long and hard. However, now that it's all folded neatly, I expect it all to fit. If only I could find where my mom hid the bag with plastic clothes bags...

Among other things, breaking news of a plane breaking up (though thankfully no one died in Toronto, according to CNN of a couple hours ago) is not exactly what I want to see the day before my own flight. I am pretty sure it will be all fine with me. I have flown plenty of times.

I also finally have to admit that I have cellulite on my upper thighs. I am not happy. I will fight it, and defeat it by this time next year. *instert random war cries from bygone eras*

On the final note, my old sneakers are falling apart, so I think I will take them to Florida to work out there, and then throw them away. I already have a replacement pair bought. I might buy something else in Florida to fill up the empty space. Some souvenirs or something.

Notes to self:
- make appointment with Gomer when I come back.
- e-mail Megan to ask her to e-mail me the photos from the Saturday night. I really liked the one on which I am dancing.