August 11th, 2005


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Well, it looks like I am dropping Spanish. I can function on 6 hours of sleep for months without reprieve, I can retain information very well, I can handle pressure, but even I cannot be at two different places at the same time. I am going to devote myself to pharmacy-related pursuits this upcoming semester. Next semester I won't have time for Spanish, so I will complete my professional electives by taking Macroeconomics instead. I loved Microeconomics, it seemed so incredibly logical, it made sense as if I have been the one writing the book. Hopefully Macro will be as good. My mom says she loved Macro more than Micro when she was in school. If I have Macro under my belt, I will be able to apply to an MBA program if I so desire. My first choice of things to do after school is a fellowship at Rutgers, but I will also consider an MBA (minus: I would only do that at Harvard and the like, but I have no money for that nor am I sure that I would be admitted, I am no longer the perfect 4.0 I once were) or a managed care residency (not exactly the same area, but still).

On the more cheery note, IV room wasn't as bad I was afraid it would be. It has quite a bit of automation, which takes some of the drudgery away. However, that's still not what I want to do when I grow up. I want to talk to people, not compare little letters and numbers on the vials and worry about $20,000 per dose drugs and patients who can die if I make one little mistake.

Also, I got the Blackboard site for KE (pharmacy fraternity of which I happen to be chaplain (don't ask how an extremely unreligious Russian Orthodox happened to become a chaplain in Nebraska, where people tend to take church seriously and are largely Catholic or Protestand) and historian. Fun. I am now figuring out how it all works. I have also learned pretty scary things. An instructor can track how many times a page has been read, for example, and possibly - who has read it and who hasn't. Scary, huh?