August 20th, 2005


Thanks and a meme

The meeting was fine (thanks to those who sent their hugs my way!). I just need to write goals before the next executive meeting, and actually make a useful binder instead of the junk paper I was handed in May. I think I can handle that. I also cleaned out and organized the first drawer of my dresser for the first time in four years (it contains make-up, hair stuff, and until recently, lost of junk). I am now working through the pile of papers that I got out of the first drawer of my desk.

My class had a back-to-school party today, which I didn't attend. For some reason, I always preferred to keep my personal and professional lives very separate. As in, I generally don't make close friends with people I go to school with or work, and hanging out with my classmates before classes start feels like intrusion on my personal time. Must be a big city thing. Also, the fact that I am less than fond of a lot of my classmates doesn't help. I don't have much to talk about with Nebraska farmers who barely know or care about something outside Midwest, and I never enjoyed having to scramble for a topic.

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