August 22nd, 2005


First day of school

Well, not having class until 11 am rocks. I woke up before alarm clock, got ready at a leisurely pace, and didn't even feel like I am back to school. The note packets for Law and Therapeutics were $140, though. Didn't expect it to be that much... No books to buy, though, as we bought $400 worth of therapeutics books last year. I will only need to buy Italian stuff when bookstore gets it (they promised to have it Wednesday. Class is Tuesday and Thursday).

The best things about this university that make it better than any other I have ever visited or talked about, are parking (there is always a spot to park, at any time of day or night!) and food (hospital cafeterias have good food, and cheap). I am trying all kinds of new foods here. Still, I am looking forward to my favorite, stir-fry with shrimp, chicken, and extra-hot sauce tomorrow when I go back to UNO for Italian. That's one thing about UNO I really miss...

Talked to some of my classmates. Most of us lead such boring, adult lives. "I just stayed here and worked" is by far the most common response. Quite a few girls got married over the summer...

Overall, a good day. Assignments are out already, though. Two group presentations (I have a decent group again!), and lots and lots of readings. I am glad I really loved microbiology and learned it well, so infectious disease is going to be a bit easier than it otherwise would be, but it's still such a big topic, with so much to memorize. And law... law is law, I am facing having to memorize a lot of information.