August 23rd, 2005


Another day

I still can't believe how good it feels to start school at a reasonable hour. I am alert, I see straight through questions, I remember lectures, I don't dose off. I feel alive!

I didn't get a lunch today, though. Cafeteria closed at 2:30, not 3:00 pm today. I was just 12 minutes too late... Oh well. I settled for an ice cream instead - enough fat and sugar to sustain me through the afternoon.

Italian class was a bit unexpected... While my German professor liked for us to learn and sing songs in class, Italian professor wants us to paint in class. Not that I object, but it has been 10 years since my last art class... I still have sketch pads, and color pencils, but I need to buy watercolors. I always was better with watercolors than any other media. I used to love painting, so that wasn't an unpleasant surprise. What was a surprise, is that Italians move their jaws around even more than Americans. Considering that I come from a place where the sounds are made on the tips of the lips while jaw stands still, I see some exercise in it. Finally, fifth language is different from second or third... I can see through grammar so much better now. I wish I could study languages to my heart's content, but I will do with what I can. I just hope books for Italian come soon. And that they ordered enough copies - me being intercampus student, I am unlikely to get to the bookstore in time should they order too few.