August 29th, 2005


(no subject)

Well, I finally bought the Italian text - the bookstore received them over the weekend. $150 for the pleasure. But when I finally got home, the first thing I did, was open the package and look through the book. Before I even checked my e-mail (for the first time of the day, that makes it extremely unusual for me). There is something extremely exciting about foreign language grammar books and dictionaries. The only other thing I have studied that send shivers down my spine was P. vivax life cycle.

I bought the gifts for two professors who hosted our exchange student over the summer. I got Swarowski crystal - an elefant for one of them, and a pig for another one. Yes, there are reasons I chose those specific animals. I now need to fill out reimbursement form for our treausurer to recover the money spent. Swarowski is expensive, but so beautiful... I realized that they also have a Swarowski jewelry place downstairs. I already know what I am getting for Christmas, methinks. ;)

Oh, and I dosed off in Therapeutics for a couple minutes. I'm so disappointed... I was hoping I can last a few weeks without falling asleep in class, since I don't start school until later this semester (11 am on Monday, 1 pm on Tuesday, 10:30 on Wednesday, 8 am on Thursday and Fridays are either 8 am or 1 pm depending on the lab schedule). Still, I lasted a week. Haven't lasted that long since my second semester of college, I think.