September 6th, 2005


Allergy... my own personal demon of the day.

My allergy, that started to cautiously appear last week, decided to use this weekend to come out en force. Since Sunday morning, I feel like either I am dead, or just really, really wish I were. Benadryl doesn't do much. My curse is that my body learns to metabolize everything I put into it very, very quickly, and nothing works after a couple times. Due to the allergies, the weekend was completely worthless. I was too miserable to enjoy it OR do anything useful. My throat hurts immensely, I sound hoarse, and my face is somewhat flushed and a little swollen. No real runny nose now that I am taking a lot of Benadryl, so hopefully throat gets better after a few days. Not in the mood to wait, though...

Had Italian test today, the first graded work of the season. Tomorrow is Law quiz. Friday will be the first Infectious Disease exam and aminoglycoside dosing PBA, three hours long, and I am going to die. Not before I work my shifts on Friday and Saturday, though. *sigh*

I desperately need to move away. Nebraska is making me physically, mentally, and emotionally sick. However, the earliest I can get out for any significant period of time is May 2006 and I can't move away until May 2007. *cries* At least, allergy will be over in mid-October.