September 14th, 2005


(no subject)

I have been falling asleep in class a lot this week - early mornings are taking their toll on me. I am weak, I admit it.

Tomorrow in therapeutics lab I am going to play a child having a seizure. I will tie my hair in pigtails on the sides of my head and clutch a stuffed animal (something Sarah is bringing me, I am not yet sure what). I will try and find something child-like and ridiculous to wear, too. It will probably will stick with me forever from tomorrow on, but it will be fun. :) People who are sorted into my "business/work/school" group tend think I am a stuck-up cold person. That will be amusing to see their reaction to the other sides of my personality. :)

I have also been thinking whether to bribe P-1 and P-2 into signing up for my committee by promising cheesecake at the first meeting. Any opinions? I don't really need people except for one thing: to help host the exchange student next year and make smooth transition. Everything else I can handle myself.