September 26th, 2005


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In other news, I feel newly at ease with my future, at least for now. I am still worried about the Law quiz on Wednesday and Therapeutics exam on Friday, though... Ethics was such a waste of my time today, but at least I went through pediatric section during that time, that leaves me with HIV treatment, opportunistic infections, meningitis and respiratory diseases to go through. Antiretrovirals are a pain, though. I hope she uses generic names rather than abbreviations, otherwise I will be hopelessly lost, as the only things I remember in that format are AZT and 3TC.

There are still a few very important people to contact, but I think I can leave that until next week, when my exams ease a bitsy.  I am only going to continue cultivating the leads I have now. Why does life have to be so complex sometimes? Or rather, why do I always want things that are not easily available? Why can't I ever settle for life's simple pleasures?