October 7th, 2005


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Мои результаты теста "Насколько я свободен?"
Границы во внутреннем мире
Границы кругозора и познания
Границы, поставленные другими людьми
Границы, поставленные мной по отношению к другим людям
Границы активной жизненной позиции
Границы психики
Границы физического тела
© Человек без границ 2005

Interesting, very interesting. A test, showing what limits me. As always, it's myself. :) \

Off to bed now. I'm going to a Picasso exhibit tomorrow, with my mom (who loves Picasso) and a Korean girl from my Italian class - when she said she feels lonely here, I decided to take her along, and then maybe invite her over to dinner. I'm trying to earn good carma... I know I need it to get the rotations I want.

On the bad side, I realized today I lost one of my favorite rings. I brought it from Russia with me... I remember I had it after I returned from Florida, so I lost it here, in Omaha... maybe it will come back, but if not, maybe it's a sign for me not to be so attached to my past, and to the material objects...