October 22nd, 2005


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What's a difference between a Russian and a typical Westerner? When something breaks, a Westerner either buys new thing, or takes the old one for repairs. A Russian look at the broken object, decides to poke around, and fixes it, with more good luck than knowledge. :P

I can now add a VCR to the list of objects I fixed in my life. That's rather amazing, considering my nearly complete mechanical idiocy. To be fair, my mom helped me to pick the right kind of screwdriver. :)

In other news, the Week from Hell is over. Now the main item on my agenda is the trip to Des Moines tomorrow. It's not so much for the jewelry show (though I probably will buy something, it's not like I have willpower to resist shiny stuff), but mainly because if I have to stay in Omaha, I'll scream. Also, there is a Russian store in Des Moines, so I can get some herring for my mom.