November 13th, 2005


Random tidbits

I spent over two hours reading about arrythmias when I realized that actually the first two days of next week are thromboembolism. So here I am, reading the 40+ page chapter of very tiny text about thromboembolism. I am still as much a moron as I have always been. Just to think, in 6 month real, live human beings will have their lives dependent on my knowledge. (When I say something like that, my boss, the greatest pharmacy manager to walk this world, looks at me like I am crazy, and says: "And what, people you are dealing with now are not real or live?")

Among other news, I must be a labor hero, because I put away 22 totes of warehouse all by myself on Saturday, all the while handling other business like registers, filling and phones. That proves that a Russian is the best thing for emergencies. If only I (and my countrymen) were capable of producing sustained effort...

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and having a little break (though I think I work Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving... maybe not, if Friday is shorter hours). I think I will try to make tiramisu with the recipe my Italian professor gave me. Since I didn't like it with brandy, I think I will try white rum this time. After all, it's a classic - coffee with rum. While I am at the liquor store, I will try to remember a bottle of Lambrusco. I love that wine.