November 19th, 2005



Well, I learned to make all the parts well - I feel that my arm is about to fall off after holding a mixer for 10 minutes over a water bath making sure zabaglione has proper consistency. Mascarpone and Whipped cream I just use a ready-made variety. I whipped egg whites until they kept their shape. Why the heck does it turn to flowy when I mix them? I was as careful as possible, using a spatula. If only I could watch someone make it, so at least I would know what I am doing wrong... unfortunately, I am stuck figuring things out by myself. Oh well.

Next time I am not adding the egg whits in. It started to go wrong at that point. Just screw them... I was so distraught that during assembly I forgot to drizzle the second layer of ladyfingers with rum-espresso. Grrrrr. Still tastes good, I think, and maybe refrigeration overnight will solidify it. Maybe it's just above my culinary talents.

I will just try out each of the million recipes and see if one of them works for me.