November 30th, 2005


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It's snowing hard, and I am glad we all made it home OK. Road that usually takes me about 35 minutes took me almost 2 hours today - one mile alone was 25 minutes. My mom says there was a six-car accident in one place - I didn't drive through that street, I took a U-turn when I saw the jam stretching for over a mile and took the other street down. I was desperately hungry, too, but I made it to gas station anyway, I didn't want to risk running low in weather like that. I was driving very, very slowly but still I lost control on the last stop sign, less than 30 meters from my home. A rainwater drain stopped me, I aimed for it, kind of. Probably, I added a scratch on the bottom of my bumper, but it's insiginificant, considering the big dent I have had in it for well over a year...

Among good news, I got approved for the exchange, so I will be spending large part of June and July 2006 in Europe. I will be requesting placement in Germany, with the intent of visiting Austria and Italy along the way, and possibly also Scandinavian countries depending on the schedule, the city I will be placed at, and the rest of my rotations. However, the money should not be an issue. I have been taking out as many loans as possible, in order to be able to take the rotations I want to take rather than the ones I can afford to take.

Among other good things this week:
- it wasn't as sucky as I thought, as we worked up the case quickly - though that's good I started writing this entry here, I remembered we didn't add the "prescriber education" section and fixed it quickly
- Eric's wife translated the skit so that's something I didn't have to undertake.
- the lab tomorrow stars at 10 for my group, not 8, and there is no lecture, so there is more study time.
- my best friend's husband is coming to the US for three months to the college about 2,5 hours away from us on a contract, so he will be bringing some things and I can send gifts with him. Also, there is a chance that he will be offered a long-term contract (he is a physicist), and then she will come over as well.

The bad thing is the cardiology exam. And it sucketh mightily, not the least because I can't concentrate at all. I don't retain information anymore, I am just simply burned out.