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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

A movie that made me think
Today, we had a dinner and a movie in Italian. The food was good (now, I need to check Hy-Vee for the cannolli shells Julia bought there, so I could try and make them - I am sure I could make cream with better texture than hers), and the movie excellent. If you haven't seen Mediterraneo, I recommend you rent it some time... It made me think of duality of my own soul, how I am always drawn up to the power and the crowd and the noise of big cities and people who run the world, yet there is a part in my soul that deeply appreciates a peaceful calm easy life on a small island. Or in Omaha, for that matter. Because while I myself am looking to escape Midwest for the city that personifies rat race, I thought the characters of the movie would be much better off staying on that island. Hence, behind all that, a part of me does appreciate the simple life, I won't lie to myself. American movies never quite achieve the quality that Russian and European movies posess, that makes me think and feel...

Now I shall go and study law, which I should have done yesterday, yet I was reading Gordon R. Dickson (go read The Dragon Knight series, I love his language and his characters) instead. Until 3:30 in the morning. And the exam is tomorrow. I must be clinically insane...