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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

(no subject)
I was busy today. Took my car for the oil change, went to the library, and took care of holiday stuff. I mailed the US & Canada cards, mailed a few gifts I had, braving the post office line (it wasn't too bad, I love my little post office, hidden away on a tiny street far away from any major crossroad, so no one who isn't local will not be able to find it). I also bought gifts for my parents - watch for my mom, since hers broke last week, and (together with my mom, as that's quite expensive) a really nice massaging chair cushion for my dad - the one I liked the most of the ones I tried, and I have tried at least ten different ones. I know my parents will be getting me a Swarovski crystal earrings, like I asked, but I wonder what style... I have never been into clothes or make-up or bags like most of my friends, but I love shoes, gloves and jewelry. And I own a lot of each, except gloves. Pity I don't live in a time when a lady always wore gloves...

Also, I got cards from Bast (most adorable kitties! *hugs*) and helga (love ya, twin!). :)