January 17th, 2006


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Well, life can't all be good. My car didn't start today. The key turns, the starter starts, but the engine doesn't. And it's a new car, less than two years old. It has acted up a couple times before, but it always started on the second attempt. I just hope my warranty will cover the repairs. At least, my membership in AAA covers towing. And it had to happen on the day when I have an exam. It's good my dad was home and was able to give me a ride, otherwise I would have to call and tell the office I can't make it. All my friends would all have left already.

As my dad said, I should be happy it happened at home and not somewhere in a dark parking lot or in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska, but still, it's not supposed to happen for another couple years. *weeps*

EDIT The AAA mechanic fixed it. He said it was flooded - not that I really understand what it means, but it's fixed now. That's the reason I prefer working with people to working with machines - with machines, one needs specific instructions, while with people, you can say - go there, do that, and they will find the way themselves. Also, people generally can heal by themselves, while machines invariably require repairs.