January 27th, 2006


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Since yesterday my boots clashing with my pants made me cranky, I wore black shoes today, since it was warm and dry enough to wear pumps outside. Unfortunately, pointy toes and 6 cm heels ARE NOT the best thing to wear when you have to stand for 6 hours (we don't have chairs in the pharmacy at all). And considering that by the time I got to work I have been in those shoes for 4 hours already, I simply took them off after a couple hours and spend good two hours walking barefoot. That's just another illustration of my duality - I won't wear comfortable shoes that don't look good with an outfit, yet I won't hesitate to go barefoot, regardless of who might be looking. I also stayed an hour after the end of my shift to help out - work is not getting any better. And if they make everyone sign a logbook for Sudafed-containing products (I heard a federal bill has been passed), it will be pure hell. It will also make it a requirement for a pharmacist or intern to sell it, so I will be continuously interrupted to do a tech's job. Grrrrr.

Now, to relax, a long, long meme.

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Done! That took an hour and a half!